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Arizona CE:Arizona Legal Updates (Legal Issues)

Arizona Legal Updates (Legal Issues)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

The world keeps changing—sometimes at lightning speed, it seems—and the Arizona Legislature makes sure that Arizona’s laws protect and promote the interests of the state’s residents in light of those changes. Every year, the legislators meet to approve, deny, and amend bills that directly impact you and your real estate practice.

This three-hour course reviews fundamentals of real estate like property management, vacation rentals, brokerage marketing, and real estate teams, and the legislation from the most recent legislative sessions that impacts these areas of real estate practice. With this approach, we make sure that you’re both reminded of your foundational real estate education, and prepared to abide by the newest laws when serving your clients.      

Course highlights include:

  • Eviction-related legislation
  • Property management laws
  • Vacation rentals and timeshares
  • Fix and flips and the handyman exemption
  • Brokerage marketing and advertising review
  • ADRE’s Substantive Policy Statement on real estate teams
  • Promotional activities and prospecting communications
  • Electronic signatures and notarization
  • Marijuana-related legislation
  • Utility disclosure laws
  • Arizona's homestead law

*This course counts as 3 mandatory hours in Legal Issues in Arizona.